Anniversary gift for Wife

Every year when anniversary knocks on the door, the first thing that strikes you instantly is the kind of gift that you are going to get for your wife. You know well that she is very much moody and she loves to collect things which are new and unusual.

Therefore you got the idea of making a list of items that are completely unique in her eyes. If you need to know more about that, you can select the gifts from the list below to have a concrete idea on the marriage anniversary gifts.

  • Spirituality with love:

You know that anniversary is the day when you thank god for gifting her to stay beside you in all odds and goods. Honestly this is the day when you literally want to thank her from inside for her charming and love she has ushered on you as and always.

Therefore you thought that it would be a wonderful idea to get the spiritual lord Ganesha idol with a fountain with it. It would look so amazing at the same time it will bring the message of utter love and happiness between the couple.

Now coming to the look of the idol it is actually made of marble and the Ganesha is in black color with an imitated incense burning followed by a fountain in white. Thus, this spiritual item is a perfect gift that is the embodiment of love and divinity.

  • Beauty love:
Beauty Hamper

You will hardly find a woman who does not have interest in decking up the best so does your wife. She loves to beautify herself so that she looks out of the lot.

You thought that it would be a wonderful idea to gift her that moment on this anniversary. So you picked some of the favorite items from the best brands. You basically took the nail polish, lipstick, kajal, baby lips from Maybelline.

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All these are packed together and arranged in a wooden box. No doubt you attempted the best to add a royal yet elegant feel to the gift. Honestly you knew well that your wife will just embrace the gift from her. But in addition to that, you also brought a special red roses bouquet for her again you are familiar with her fondness about rose.

  • Silver Dangler earring:
Silver Dangler earring
Silver Dangler earring

The precious metal has always attracted your wife. She does loves to collect different types of precious metals. Therefore on this anniversary you thought why not try to give her pure silver earrings.

Honestly the idea was rocking because your wife will embrace the gift without any second thought. On that note, you picked a pair of leaf shaped earrings with a silver hook. But the best thing is that it has a yellow stone studded in the middle of the leaf which gives a classy and dazzling look to the leaf.

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You even confirmed the length of the earring as well which is 4.8 cm in total, which means it looks superbly amazing. And she can easily pair it either with a saree or any western outfit. In addition to this, you also brought two stone studded bangles which were a contrast to the silver earring.

  • Gold plated necklace :
Gold plated necklace

A good neckpiece always enhances the beauty of the neck, so you thought that it would be a good idea to gift your wife an excellent neckpiece. You selected a gold plated neckpiece with small minute white stones studded all over the neckpiece.

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Now coming to the design of the neckpiece it has the small leaves protruding from the main branch. But there was a problem that the neckpiece you selected was a single piece with no earrings.

Therefore you researched for hours and after that you selected a similar type of the ear drop earring in the same type of the shape with stones studded from the online shops. Then you decorated the two separate pieces together and decorated them in a gift box. They were actually looking so excellent portraying your love and care for your endearing wife.

  • Teddy, chocolate, and card:
Teddy, chocolate, and card

One of the common yet most touching anniversary gifts is the combination of the teddy, chocolate, and the card. You have seen that your wife has a great fascination for collecting the teddies so you thought that on this anniversary you will gift her a giant-sized teddy.

It was in white color and has a red bow in the neck. In addition to that, you brought a card saying happy anniversary. However you personalized the card by digitally imprinting the wedding pictures of you and your wife together.

On top of that the different flavored chocolates in the flavor dark, white, solid, and with nuts really make the mouth watery. However you know that she will just hug these gifts the moment you present her the same. Actually you thought that you will give a great surprise to her with the gifts. Definitely, she will be overwhelmed.

Thus, these are the best anniversary gift for wife

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