unique valentines day gifts for boyfriend

You and your boyfriend did not meet for two years. All of a sudden you got a wonderful idea of surprising him so that virtually you can reduce the distance to minimum. In order to do so you planned some of the surprise gift ideas that are cool and at the same time, he would also appreciate the most. You thought mindfully that the gift should be romantic and yet heart-touching as well. At the same time, you are worried that the gift should be something unique as well. Therefore go through some of the birthday gift ideas for boyfriend.

Couple cushion covers:

Birthday Gifts for Boyfriend

As you are in a long-distance relationship therefore at times, it becomes harder for you to cope up with the situation. However you need to fight that very intelligently. In order to do that smartly you thought to send a surprise gift to your boyfriend as his birthday is almost there. You picked vibrant colored cushion covers where you have digitally printed the photo of your boyfriend on that. At the same time you took you also imprinted your photo on the second cushion. Definitely it is a couples cushion. The best thing is that you did print the names of both of you on each of the cushions to bring that feeling of love.

Birthday letter in a mason jar:

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Life is all about love and being loved. As a girlfriend, you feel too lonely somehow you always try to bridge the gap between you two. therefore you thought that although it is not always possible to visit him physically you can do one thing is that just send him birthday letters. But you have an artistic mind and that made you send those letters in a white mason jar. However, along with the letter you also send him dried rose petals inside that as a token of pure love and boundless friendship as well.

Customized chocolates:

birthday gifts for boyfriend

Chocolates are his all-time favorite. Therefore this year on his birthday you took the onus of preparing the chocolates yourself at home. You actually labored to prepare the chocolates using different ingredients and infilled the flavors with different types of nuts. The best you did is that you actually gave different shapes to chocolates like some in heart shape while some in star. But you tweaked the whole preparation by adding beautiful love message on that. You always want him to relish those chocolates on the day of his birthday as you know that there is a huge gap between you two still the chocolates will be the connection between the two.

Personalized wood postcard:

birthday gifts for boyfriend

You know that nothing is better than writing to your beloved boyfriend who is far away from you. However, after thinking so much you thought that it would be great to send him a gift on his birthday something related to that. Therefore you thought of gifting a postcard made of wood. You picked a solid wood in a light brownish color and chose to imprint the name of your boyfriend on that. But you actually picked the gift in the form of an original postcard. Therefore you used the rear portion of the postcard for writing a love letter to your boyfriend. The best thing you did is that you engraved the writing on that. Therefore you can stay happy because in any scenario he is going to love and adore the same.

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Smartphone case:

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Last time when you saw your boyfriend you saw that his smartphone case was damaged therefore this year you thought to send him a new smartphone case as the sudden birthday gift surprise. In order to give a twist you actually designed the case yourself, it has the picture of your boyfriend imprinted on the back cover. The best is that it is made of good quality plastic so you don’t have to worry about breakage. And also you can stay cool because your boyfriend would also love the color as well because you chose the same in the color blue which is a very beautiful color. Undoubtedly the whole birthday surprise idea is quite rocking and he will love this at once indeed.

Imprinted T-shirt:

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You have been into relationship with him for 6 years. Therefore you are aware of his likings the most. Therefore this year you planned to send him a surprise gift on his birthday. Although the gift sounds so simple you made it extraordinary with your love touch. Now you picked a white-colored T-shirt and there you imprinted his face in a large canvass in different shades. It was looking so beautiful and the awesome combination of colors will really make him spellbound indeed. But along with the T shirt, you also send a mini trolley so that he can take that to anywhere he wants to travel with ease and convenience.

These are some of the gifts for boyfriend that you can try to surprise him.

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